Game of Thrones

After a marathon journey through 6 seasons of Game of Thrones, I am almost caught up, there is only the first episode of series 7 to watch.

I did not specifically avoid watching the show before now, I had the idea that it was a sci fi prgramme after watching trailers which included dragons and the like, and sci fi is simply not my type of thing.

On a visit to my mother, though, she had the series available as a pre cursor to the new series beginning.  There was nothing of interest on tv, so we thought, what the hell? we can watch the first episode and see what it is like.

I will be honest, I began watching the first episode with the laptop in front of me, only half interested in watching the screen.

By the end of the first episode though, I wanted to see more.

So with less than a month to the beginning of season 7, we began gathering dvds of the previous 6 seasons, and working our way through them.

Some episodes needed to be watched more than once to understand the gist of some scenes, but we have stuck with it.  In between episodes of peppa pig and paw patrol (it is school holidays!), we have claimed the tv for adults and squeezed in an episode here and there.

It is refreshing to see a series that has kept the same characters and actors for so long.  Love them or hate them, you feel as though they are part of your life after seeing so much happen to them over such a period of time.  Some of the characters have grown with the seasons which makes you feel that you can connect with them and support them.

I have read that season 7 is the penultimate one, so I hope for an exciting series ahead of us.

As a history buff I could, of course, see the historical references throughout.  The battle between Stannis and Bolton, leaving fields full of blood and corpses, could not help but make me think of the descriptions of the Battle of Towton.  It was a strong image.

I will also admit that watching Natalie Dormer was difficult for me, I kept thinking of her as Anne Boleyn.  When she and her brother were imprisoned, when she kept asking about her brother, he on charges of sodomy, made me think of George Boleyn.  I have watched the Tudors wayyyyyyyy too much, methinks !!!!!!

Deanarys has the best shot at unseating Cersei, obviously.  And maybe Jon Snow being built up as a possible husband for her??  The woman has a huge army and 3 dragons, who would bet against her??

Cersei must get her comeuppance, though she has had to watch her 3 children die, is that her karma, one wonders?

My private wish for the throne would be Tyrion and Sansa together.  They have both endured so much shit (excuse the language!) from everyone around them, they both deserve it more than anyone else in the programme, in my opinion.

In the first series, I did not like Tyrion, he was a stuck up know it all, but I have really warmed to him.  Team Tyrion!!!!!! lol

I guess I am now a Game of Thrones addict.

Bring on season 7………………….


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