I have been enjoying watching Wimbledon these last few days, well didn’t enjoy watching Andy Murray getting beat, but it was a good match.

It is interesting how the UK becomes tennis fans for a fortnight every year!

It is a very old game, even King Henry VIII is said to have enjoyed playing it in his younger days.

It looks like Federer will make history when, sorry if, he wins again on sunday.

There was a quote on tv about how much these tennis players earn from Wimbledon, so I googled the prize monies for this years event, and I was shocked.

A first round loser earns £35,000, a second round loser earns £57,000, a third round loser earns £90,000, a fourth round loser earns £147,000, a quarter final loser earns £275,000, a semi final loser earns £550,000, the second place player, the loser in the final earns a whopping £1.1m and the winner of the final earns £2.2m !!!!

I am definately in the wrong job !!

Right, which kid can we train to be a tennis player……………………………


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