On holiday !!

Well we are still in Yorkshire, having a sunny time today.

I very much enjoyed the concert on thursday evening, Scarborough Open Air Theatre is a much bigger place than I had expected, but a very pleasant place to go to.

Cliff Richard gave a brilliant performance, as he has every other time I have seen him in concert.  It is amazing how his voice sounds as fresh and beautiful as the day he recorded those songs originally.  He can still make the hairs stand up on my neck with his voice.

Collabro were also singing and it was the first time I had seen them.  I am not usually a fan of the opera type of music, but they sang very well.  Their version of Bring him home, from Les Miserables, was very uplifting.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Middleham, for their Richard III festival and a visit to the castle.

It stands on the location of a Norman tower castle, and was built up into the royal castle that it became under the Neville family in the 15th century.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, inherited the castle when he married Anne Neville, co heiress of her father, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (also known as Kingmaker).  He had lived there under the training of the Earl when he was a teenager, perhaps already under consideration as a husband for one of the Earl’s daughters.

After Richard’s death at Bosworth, the castle fell into disrepair under the Tudors and never really recovered it’s splendour from the Plantagenet times.

The village beneath the castle holds a festival once a year, celebrating it’s relationship with the former King.

We are looking forward to seeing the re-enactments of village life in medieval times, for me, a kind of research for my writing, for my children, a fun day out !!!!


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