excited !

Today am in Yorkshire.

I am going to see a concert tonight, in Scarborough.  Some of my friends have called me brave for still going to the concert after the recent attack on a pop concert, but my answer is simple.  I am not going to let some idiot who wants to make a name for themselves, ruin my plans.  I was bought this ticket as a birthday present last year and I intend to use it and enjoy it.

I try to be philosophical about these things and if we allow these people to rule our lives and force us to make changes, then we are letting them win and have the power over us that they crave.

Let’s face it, we could die at any time, hit by a bus, heart attack, anaphylaxis (in my case), piano fall on your head from above (I do love those old comedy sketches), etc.  When our time is up, there is little we can do to change things, so we should just live for the day.  When you have come close to death, as I have with my anaphylaxis attacks, you realise how precious your time on this earth is.

Love your family, have fun, make the most of what you have, it is all over too soon.  Try not to die with any regrets, I don’t intend to !!!!


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