Bye Willie, Hi Vicky

On this day in 1837, Britain said goodbye to an old man and hello to an 18 year old girl.

William IV died during the early hours of the day, after a long, drawn out illness.  He had expressed a desire to last until his niece was 18 and able to take the throne by herself, without the need of a regent in the form of her mother, whom he hated.

The young girl was informed of her accession at the earliest opportunity, it is said that her first order as Queen, was that her mother’s bed should be removed from Victoria’s bedroom as soon as possible.

Victoria would go on to have a successfull and exciting reign lasting over 63 and a half years.  Her reign would set a record which would only be beaten by our current Queen, Elizabeth II over a century later.  Strange how the women monarchs, Elizabeth I, Anne, Victoria, Elizabeth II, have the longest reigns.


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