My thoughts

I was watching the news, and questioning why the reporters were being a little more reticent about talking about the driver from last night’s attack.  Then it was pointed out to me that they will have to be a little more careful about what they say about him, as this attacker is alive.

He will have to go to trial at some point, and if the media slag him off or say anything that can influence a future jury, he could get off with his crimes.  They have to talk differently than the London Bridge attack or the Manchester one, because those idiots were dead themselves, there was never going to be a solicitor appointed to defend them.  Any solicitor worth his salt these days (and even if the law society get together and refuse to represent him, the law says that everyone is entitled to legal defence, so someone would have to do it, otherwise he couldn’t be taken to trial), would use the bias of the jury to argue against him getting a fair trial.

So however much we want to call him an idiot and hang him out to dry, as it were, we must hold back so that the law can give him the benefit of the doubt.

Though he is sure to be called mentally ill at some point, maybe to avoid the trial, and locked up in a psych ward somewhere.  In my mind anyone that goes out with an intention to kill someone else has a mental illness but it does not absolve them of any crimes that they commit.

Still I try to see the other side of an argument, maybe he was a drunk, or high, driver, maybe he turned into a corner in a place he didn’t know and accidently hit a group of people who were in the middle of the road, seeing to an old man who had taken ill, not what you would expect to see when you turn a corner.  The only people who have given any views so far are the people who restrained him afterwards, maybe it was a tragic accident?

This country has suffered so much tragedy lately that I think, collectively, we jump to the ‘terrorism’ side too quickly.  Think back to the night of the London Bridge attack and there was a stabbing outside a pub in Vauxhall the same night, by pure coincidence.  It was reported as another terror attack in Vauxhall by the BBC for a couple hours afterwards, even after the police had said it was unrelated, it showed on their rolling news across the bottom of the screen.

I am not trying to downplay the attack last night, just saying that people need to take a step back and a deep breath and find their calm place.

There is no need for any kind of terror attacks, it didn’t work for the IRA in the 70’s and 80’s and in this day, it still won’t bring anyone round to your point of view.  I believe strongly in Scottish independance, but I am never gonna go hurt someone else who thinks we are better in the UK (I may bore them silly telling them why independance is better, but that’s me, lol).

We are all human beings, we all have different points of view, different feelings about things, different outlooks on life.  But we are all only here for a short time, we should make the most of that time.

I was always brought up with the saying, if you can’t say or do something good to someone, then do nothing at all to them.

If you can’t be nice, don’t be nasty.

Life is way too short for hate.

Rant over.


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