trans atlantic flight

Today in 1928, Amelia Earhart’s plane landed in Wales, completing her first trans Atlantic flight, the first woman to do so.  She had a pilot and navigator with her, it would be 4 years later, in 1932 that she would complete her first solo trans Atlantic flight.

She was listed as a co pilot on this journey, but she probably did no more than keep the log for the flight as her training had not yet covered this type of airplane.

It took the three man team almost a full day to travel from Newfoundland to Wales, a flight which can be done in 5 – 6 hours in modern times.

In the following years she would go on to become ‘Queen of the Air’ a nickname given to her by the United Press in the USA upon her return from the trans Atlantic flight.

Her dream was to circumnavigate the globe in her airplane, a task which would cost her life just a few years later in 1937.  Some say she lived a few months after her disappearance in 1937, as a cast away on a Pacific island, and some evidence has been found to corroborate this, but she was eventually declared legally dead in the USA in January of 1939.


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