Recent events

I have been watching the news over the last few days, but have been at a loss for what to say about the events.

I was sat in my bed, writing, when I became bored of the music channel and switched to the news channel, and saw that buidling burning.  My heart sank, imagining the terror and loss of life that I was witnessing on my tv screen.  I felt so useless, so sad, so angry.

The terrorists were not at the heart of this terror on our screens, the people who owned and ran those buildings and who housed innocent people in them, they are the ones who brought horror to our country this time.  Unfortunately, they are also the people who run this country, so no-one will ever answer for the deaths of those innocents who burned to death in those tower blocks.

I live in a flat myself, with my family, though luckily at a height that we could easily escape if such a situation occurred here.  I heard of parents throwing their children from windows to save them, the fear that must drive a parent to do that, is beyond me.  Actually it isn’t beyond my imagination, but thinking about it, makes me physically want to throw up.  And the people who run those buildings will walk free from blame.  They are killers, plain and simple.

There is a rumour that the cladding caused the fire to engulf the building quicker.  The same cladding has been used on council properties near here lately, including some of our family members.  It is terrifying to think that we could see something similar happen closer to home.

Dying in a fire is not a quick death, suffocating due to the smoke can take quite a while.  How those poor people must have suffered.  Waiting for rescue, which could not reach them.  We can hope that some did not know about it and died in their sleep, but there are stories of people being on the phone to relatives until the end.  I sat watching an interview on BBC earlier, where a woman talked of speaking with her cousin and trying to reassure her, how she heard her cousin’s voice fade and stop, the phone did not disconnect and all she could hear was a crackling sound through the speaker.  That interview made me cry, hearing a relative die in such a way, then listen to the fire burning around the people who have died, unable to do a thing to help them.

Maybe I am too empathetic.  Maybe I care too much.  Maybe I think too much.

I only hope that the souls of those innocent people travel quickly to whatever God they believe in, and are comforted there.

Rest In Peace.

You did not deserve to die in that way.


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