Go vote !!!!

There is only one topic to talk about today, well for me anyways, it is voting day!!

I know many people don’t think that their vote really makes a difference, but every vote truly counts for your local candidates.  And who gets those votes, chooses who will represent you in parliament for the next (supposedly) 5 years.

People fought and died to give us the freedom and the right to vote, we should not forget that.

I am of the belief that it should be a law that everyone has to vote, as in Australia, but that is not a widespread wish, so it will probably not come to be, at least not in the near future.

To give my opinion, if you live in England or Wales, you should seriously think about voting for Labour, Corbyn, as he seems to be a fairer person than May is proving to be.  In Scotland, there is only really the SNP to vote for, as voting for any other party risks giving the Tories the power at Westminster.

But that is only my opinion.  Whoever you vote for, make sure you get out there and vote.

And in South Ayrshire, Corri Wilson is the best person for the job 😉



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