Just a thought…….

I kinda have this image in my head of the three idiots in London last night, arriving at the gates of heaven and being met by God.

“And what brings you men to my gates?

“We were doing your work my Lord, killing the infidels.  We were promised 70 virgins for doing so.”

“Why would you think that killing people would bring you to my gates?  Was one of my commandments not ‘Thou shalt not kill’????  Get down to hell and see if the devil will give you your virgins.  I have my innocents to comfort and welcome to my heavenly home!”

The seven poor innocents are waved into heaven past the three men.

“But Lord, these people are infidels, they do not believe in the true faith.”

“The true faith?  You think that the true faith calls for murder?  The only faith that matters calls for people to love one another.  To live together in peace.  All of the true faiths in the world call for this.  I gave the world the chance to live happily, in harmony, yet it is intent on destroying each other.  You are not true believers in ME, you believed another human, who gave you a false God, a God who believed in murder.  Another of my commandments told you not to believe in false Gods, yet you did, therefore you do not belong here with me.  Get from my sight, I have no further use for your evilness.”

God and ST Peter disappear into the pearly gates and they are slammed closed behind them.  The three men fall into the depths of a dismal hell………

Just a thought…….


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