Last week

I wanted to write something about last weeks’ bombing but I am beyond understanding it in any way.

I doubt that I will ever understand what went through that person’s head ( I refuse to name him, that adds to his fame, which is probably part of his aim, to be remembered) when he entered that arena, saw children stood around then proceeded to blow himself and them apart.  It is bad enough when it is done and adults are murdered, but children ?????

I saw the picture of little Saffie on the news and I cried, I truly cried.  I am a mum, and I cannot imagine what all of those families are going through right now.  I lost a baby girl at birth, she never had a chance of life, but to have watched a child grow for eight years and see what her future could be, then to have those hopes and dreams for that child snatched away……..that must be unbearable.

The government say that another attack is unavoidable and increase the threat level.  I wonder if that is the right thing to do, though?  The last few days have seen many places being evacuated after bomb threats.  On this raised level and the anticipation of an attack that is present in the country, all that is needed to cause terror is a threat, or an empty bag left somewhere.  The idiots who want to cause terror, for whatever reason, now only have to phone in a threat or drop a bag off somewhere, without the trouble of actually making a bomb or killing themselves.  Then the area is evacuated, the police have to spend hours searching and clearing the place, people are scared, all because of a simple threat.  By raising the threat level, have we given the terrorists another stick to beat us with?  To scare us?  To cause that terror?

I am not saying that our police and now army personnel should not be as security concious, but was making the fact that another attack is expected any day, public, the right way to deal with it?  In doing so, the general public became worried, scared, terrorised.

Last tuesday, the day after the attack, I was in London with my eldest daughter.  We were going to see a show.  I will admit to nervousness about it, and to having second thoughts on the day, but then my fighting spirit returned.  ‘Why should I change my plans because of some idiots?  They will not defeat me.  If God decides it is my time, then it is my time.’  So I took my daughter by the hand and we went to the theatre and enjoyed it.  The performance was supposed to be sold out, but there were quite a few empty seats, so I guessed that not everyone was as keen on going out that night.  And I understand that, I don’t blame any of them for changing their minds, it was their decision.  There was also quite a rush to get out of the theatre after the show which I also understood.

You may notice that I don’t call the terrorist idiots, Muslims.  I studied an A level in Religious Studies, many years ago, and Islam was one of the religions that we studied.  I read some of the Quran ( I will not claim to have read it all, just as I do not claim to have read all of the bible, though I am Christian) and my overall impression of the religion itself was of peace.  These people do not fight for the everyday Muslim, they fight for the brainwashed sects, mostly in the Middle East, I understand, and should not be thought of as traditional Muslims.  It may not be the most politically correct thing of me to call them idiots either, but it is too soon after that atrocity in Manchester to think of them as anything else (and if I used stronger terms that come to mind, my blog may be banned!).

We must not let these few people impose terror on our lives, just by being present in our societies.  This may not be the last bombing that we have to grieve for, but let’s face facts, the IRA bombed the country for many years in the seventies and eighties, killing lots of people, Hitler bombed this country in the forties, killing many.  We came through it.  We did not let them take our freedom or our fighting spirit.  And we came out on top, the IRA was disbanded and peace came to Northern Ireland, Hitler (alledgedly) killed himself and the war was over.  ISIS will not beat us either.  It may take years, it may cost many more lives, but they form a very small part of the world and everyone will stand up to them and stop them eventually.

I have to believe that sense will eventually prevail, and the killings will stop.

And I have to offer up prayers for all of those who have suffered, are suffering and will suffer before that end comes.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

A special prayer for young Saffie.  Eight years old is no age to be taken from this life.