wedding day

The 26th April 1923 saw the marriage of a royal couple in Westminster Abbey.

This couple were not destined for the throne, their Dukedom was York, and their role would be mostly ceremonial, in terms of the royal family.

Albert Frederick Arthur George and Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, pledged their troths in the ancient Abbey, which had not been used for royal weddings since 1383.

Albert, known to his family as Bertie, had become Duke of York and Earl of Inverness in 1920 at the age of 24.  Later that year, he met the socialite, Elizabeth, and fell in love.  She was not of direct royal lineage, but of noble birth, so he was granted permission to court her.

He proposed marriage in 1921 but she refused.  He persisted and again proposed to her in 1922.  She again said no, claiming to be unable to adapt to the requirements of the royal family.

Eventually, he convinced her to marry him, and it was said that theirs was a very close and loving partnership.

They had two daughters together, before the death of his father in 1936 would change the lives of the young family in unexpected ways.



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