Bad news/good news

Another death to write about today, though as it is the death of a King, it is also about the accession of another King, so…….bad news, good news !!!!

King Henry VII died on the 21st April 1509.  His son promptly became King Henry VIII.

Henry VII was not as popular a King as some would have you believe.  Many saw him as a usurper.  Not for killing King Richard, but because there were many in the Lancastrian line with as good a claim as his, if not better.  He was simply the one who had caught the luck to meet Richard on that fateful day at Bosworth and watch as the king was killed.

Henry had built up large coffers during his reign, leaving a nice little nest egg for his son, though this fortune had come at the expense of the lower classes in England, through taxation and the like (hmm a lot like our current ‘ruling class….’).

His son was nicknamed Bluff King Hal when he came to the throne and was popular in London.  In those days, he would not have been very well known by sight to people outside the court and the city.  Young Henry was tall, handsome, athletic, what more could be asked for in a Prince??

Shortly after his father’s death, he would announce his intention to marry his former sister-in-law, Catherine of Aragon (whose personal claim to the English throne was at least as strong as Henry’s own, if family history trees are followed), who was herself quite popular among the people.

Soon they were crowned as the golden couple of the English royal family, and court was overflowing with nobles and well wishers, eager to help the King spend his father’s savings!!

And the Tudor story from there is well known………….


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