I had planned a nice historical post about an aspect of my new book today, then once again the political system of this country throws a curve ball and the country is up in the air again.  Geez…..

Anyone who knows me will know my colour is yellow and always will be, the SNP are the only party who deserve the vote, for mainly keeping their promises and working for the good of the people.  NOne of the other parties have even tried to do that as far as I have seen.

I used to be a Labour voter, was brought up in a Labour heartland, and if I was in England still and did not have the SNP as an option, then I probably would still vote Labour, as Corbyn is a far better bet than the Tories any day.

Please God, I will spend every day praying, that you will let Britain get rid of these cruel, heartless Tories, who only work for the good of the rich, and punish the poor.

The Liberals don’t need much said about them, they only returned 8 MPs in the last election, after all.  (Just please please, Orkney and Shetland, open your eyes and get rid of the lying Carmichael, you deserve so much better!!)

So……deep breath…..here we go with capaigning once again……………………….see you on the other side………….


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