I read today that the oldest person in the world had died.

She was 117 years and 137 days old !!!!

The Italian lady, Emma Morano, was born on november 29th 1899, it is said that she was the last person living who had been born in the 19th century.  It is claimed that the oldest person now is a Jamaican lady who was born in March 1900.

Emma survived both world wars (will we all survive the coming war that seems to be threatened?), and outlived all of her 8 siblings.  She married in the mid 20’s and only had one child, who unfortunately died as an infant.  I could maybe make a joke about her not being aged by looking after bairns over the years, but my own children might read this one day 🙂

By all accounts, she enjoyed reasonably good health throughout her life, apart from a diagnosis of anaemia when she was young, which she treated by eating 3 eggs per day !

Imagine the changes in the world that she had seen in her long life.  Apart from the wars, countries changing, splitting up, moving borders (I always have trouble keeping up with my geography as it is, without all the border changes!), terrible disasters like the Titanic, hurricanes, earthquakes, changing leaders in the world orders, the ruling monarchs across the world losing their power and the growth of democracies, her life history would have been an amazing read, had she ever written it down.

It is always sad when someone dies, but wow! what a life to have led.

RIP Ms Morano.


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