On the 11th April 1951, a stone was discovered upon the altar at Arbroath Abbey in Scotland.

So what?  you might think.  Stones are found all over the place.  But this was no ordinary stone, it had been stolen over 3 months earlier from London.  For this was the famous, and controversial, Stone of Scone.

It was stolen from beneath the throne in Westminster Abbey by a group of Scottish Nationalists, who wanted it brought home.

It had originally been stolen from Scotland by Edward I, known as Longshanks, who had the stone built into the throne in the Abbey, to signify his power over the Scots.

It is said that the stone broke when being taken from the throne, but surprisingly the stone that was discovered at Arbroath Abbey was in one piece, alledgedly repaired.  Stones are not that easy to repair…….

It has been asked whether the stone that was returned to London was the actual one upon which Scots monarchs were traditionally crowned, and rumours abound as to the whereabouts of it, to this day.

The recovered stone was brought to Edinburgh Castle in the early 90’s, where it currently resides.

Will it be allowed to stay with there when Scotland gets it’s independance, one wonders…………..


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