105 years ago today, the Titanic left Southampton on her maiden voyage to America.

On board she carried over 2200 passengers and crew.  Some travelled for fun, eager to experience this new unsinkable ship, some travelled for necessity, to work or see relatives on the other side of the atlantic, others travelled with hearts full of hope, seeking a new life across the water.

For most of the people on board, their lives had begun the countdown to the end as soon as that ship pulled away from the dock.

It is an extremely sad story, and in some ways an avoidable accident.

My mind goes to the young families, probably travelling in third class.  I can imagine them chattering about the new land that they were going to, what their new lives would be like, how happy they would be.  Then for it all to come to a dramatic and painful end in the middle of one cold April night.

We all have hopes and dreams for our future, even at my age !!  My biggest hope is that I live to see all of my children settled and happy in whatever they choose to do.  My dream is that people enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

I send out a prayer for those people who lost their hopes and dreams on that ship, and wish everyone who may be reading this, the best of luck with their own futures.


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