I had planned a lengthy post today about our visit to Leicester, two years ago, to pay our respects to Richard III.  I made notes about what I wanted to say and was ready to write it.

Then I turned on the news this afternoon.

We do not know why this man drove his car at a bunch of innocent people and killed some, injured many others.  We may never know what was in his head as he did it.  Many people have beefs with Westminster and the MPs inside it, I complain about them plenty myself, but what on earth led him to take a knife and try to force his way into Westminster??

The policeman who gave his life trying to keep this guy away from the people inside, which included many children, some as young as 8 I heard, whould be hailed as a hero.  He was unarmed, did not stand a real chance against the madman but did everything he could to bar his entrance.  And he paid for his bravery with his life.

I had a great uncle who was a policeman, and we do not give them the credit they deserve for the work that they do, for the risks that they take.  No matter what the situation, the police stand between the innocent and the evil, and fight to protect the good.  Too often they give their lives to save others.

Then there are the unknown victims, the people going about their everyday lives.  Walking down the street, crossing a bridge, then suddenly your life changes forever, or even ends.  It happens in other countries every day, with bombing raids and shootings, but you do not expect it on your home turf, as it were.  It is a sad thing to think that our children could be used to this when they get to our ages.

I am not a fan of the MPs as I have said, but we should give a shout out to the Mp who attempted to save the policeman’s life after he had been stabbed.  Tobias Ellwood is one MP who does deserve some kind of recognition from the crown, not for his duties as an MP as many get, but for his humanity and bravery.

There were many others out there today who were brave or tried to help people, we will never hear about them all.

I do not turn back to my faith often, but tonight I will say a prayer for those who need God’s help after today’s incident, whichever God or Goddess they believe in.

I am sad tonight, sad that this is the world we live in, sad that we can’t all find a way to live together in peace, sad that a number of people will not return safely home tonight, through no fault of their own.

Dear God, please fix this world, it is in desperate need of it, Amen.


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