St Patrick

Today is St Patrick’s day (yeah go on say it, big surprise!), so before everyone gets drunk on their green beer, I thought I would say a little about the man himself.

He is thought to have lived, in Ireland, during the fifth century.  Generally he is said to have been the founder of the Christian religion in Ireland, though this is doubted in some circles, as Christian missionaries were said to be crossing to the isle in the previous century.

Nevertheless he is said to have built over 300 churches in Ireland and personally baptised over 100,000 people in the new Christian faith, which during Roman times, must have been some feat!!!!

The 17th of March is celebrated as his feast day as it is thought to be the date that he died.  The feast day is celebrated the world over, though in many different ways.  In some places it is seen as a holy day, for contemplation and religious devotions.  In most places it seems to be a day for celebration with funny green outfits and green beer, and probably copious amounts of Guinness too!!

Though he is named as a saint, he has never actually been canonised by the Catholic Church, his sainthood simply being announced after his death by the local clergy.

Though who would argue with our Irish friends that their patron saint is no saint, on a day which gives pleasure to so many people.


Happy St Patrick’s Day to all !!!!!


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