what a day !

I began the day wanting to write a post about the twenty-first anniversary of the Dunblane shootings.  It is quite a sombre subject and I was ready to write in a sad mood.  While I still wish to say that we should remember those 16 children and their teacher, who were murdered on this day, and of course their families, my mood changed dramatically during the day, due to an item on the news.

I do not hide the fact that I support independance and freedom for Scotland, and today’s announcement by Nicola Sturgeon has made my heart soar.

I have not been a lifelong political supporter, but the last few years have shown us much about how badly Westminster treat Scotland.  For those who research facts (come on, am an author, research is my life!), the rest of the UK will struggle without Scotland, and I do feel a little bad about that.  But Westminster deserve to be shown that they do not always get everything their own way.  I do not, for the life of me, understand why the country of my birth gave these politicians the green light to leave Europe, and I seriously doubt that I ever will understand it, but Scotland voted overwhelmingly in favour of staying and we deserve the chance to do that.

I do not know if we will win our independance in another referendum, but I will fight damned hard to get a yes vote this time round.  I want a better future for my children than Westminster offer them in an as yet unknown Brexit, and I am determined to get it.  Whether it is next year, the year after, or even longer, Scotland needs to be a free country again, and as it’s people, we need to stand up and make our feelings known.

Let us hope it does not come down to the wars of independance from our history books…………..

Come on Scotland, time to be heard !!!!


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