Assassination !!

Either late on the evening of the 20th February or in the early hours of the 21st February, the King and Queen of Scotland were ambushed in their lodgings in Perth.

The Queen would escape death, but her and her ladies were injured in the attack.

The King was not so lucky.

They had heard loud noises from the corridor outside their chambers, which had given some warning to attempt escape.

The King is said to have looked for a way out and eventually hidden in a drain leading from their room.  The Queen and her ladies had tried to block the door and keep the attackers at bay while he hid.

The men who had the King in their sights broke through the door, alledgedly breaking one of the ladies’ arms in the process.  The ladies protected their Queen, and the men were not seriously seeking her death, so she was able to escape the room with minor injuries.

The King could not be found initially, though the drain that he had hidden in became his downfall.  A few days earlier, he had had the particular drain blocked up because he kept losing his tennis balls into the said drain, so his escape route was cut off.

It took a short while, but the group of murderers remembered about the drain and sought out the King.  It is said that the assailants numbered more than twenty, James did not stand a chance in reality.

He was stabbed at least fifteen times before succumbing to the attackers.

The Queen, meanwhile had raised the alarm and the people of Perth had rushed to the monastery to help their monarchs.  The gang of killers fled.

After making sure that her children, especially her son, who was now James II, were safe, she gathered men to find the attackers.  They were rounded up quite quickly and all were executed in Edinburgh.

She ensured that her son was soon taken to Edinburgh too and crowned at Holyrood Abbey, a little over a month later.

It is unsure where the dead King was buried, though it is thought that an abbey in Perth is most likely.  Rumour has it that his heart was taken to the  Holy Land on crusade around 1442 by a Knight Templar, and returned to Scotland the following year.

Bbc news today ran a story about James I ( saying that there is going to be a search for his body in Perth, in order to make a visitor attraction, a la Leicester !!


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