Edward III

Today in 1327 was the coronation day of Edward III.

He was only 14 years old and his mother, Isabella, took the regency during his minority.  The problem with this was that her lover Roger Mortimer took power over her and he became effectively the ruler of the country, a fact which many other barons hated.

Edward himself resented this and would take part in a military coup only three years later, and take control of his own throne.

Edward had come to the crown after the forced abdication of his father Edward II.

The former King had been known mainly for his male favourites at court, who he chose over his own wife on many occasions.  This angered Isabella, who took her son to France to arrange a peace treaty with France and returned with an army to overthrow her husband.

To help with raising that army, Isabella had betrothed the young Edward to Philippa of Hainault.  It may have been an arranged marriage, but this turned out to be a most successful match.

The couple had thirteen children in all, and can be traced as an ancestor to almost every english born person with a fully english ancestry.  It has been estimated that over 90% of english born people today can be traced to Edward and Philippa.

That is one heck of a family reunion !!!!


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