Act of Union

Three hundred and ten years ago, the articles of the Act of Union between Scotland and England were finally ratified by the parliaments.

It would not come into effect until the 1st of May 1707, and most of the agreements had been made in July of the previous year, but on 16th January, the parliaments voted for the motion.

It was unpopular in the general population of Scotland.  At that time, the Scottish parliament was made up mostly of nobles who did not care what the ‘everyday person’ of the country wanted.

Many payments were made to these nobles, some in cash, some in land, which could be seen as bribery, if it had been known about at the time.

In the words of Robert Burns, the great Scottish bard;

‘We’re bought and sold for English gold,

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.’

In many areas of Scotland, the act of union is equally as unpopular today.  The Scots parliament was taken away with the act, even though we gained it back in the 90’s, and Westminster was given control over the country.

The Darien experiment had been very costly for many Scottish nobles and the joining with England helped them in monetary terms.  Nowadays, it is the Westminster who needs the income from the Scottish lands, from oil, whisky, etc, to survive.  How times change !!

In 2014, we had a chance to overturn the act, and were looking like achieving it.  Then the big guns came north with scare stories and promises, which have since been proved to be false (particularly the one about voting no being the only way to stay in Europe!), and we lost, in a close run vote.

Lots of people still claim it was rigged, but I am more of the feeling that people believed the promises of the Westminster elite.  That Scotland would have so many more powers, that we would play a bigger role in Westminster, that we would be safe in the EU if we stuck with England.

And now look where we are?  About to be dragged out of the EU, even though we voted to stay.  And noone knows anything about what leaving the EU really means!!  Are we really gonna be better off?  I don’t think so.

Personally I hope the Scottish government gets their fingers out and gets Scotland it’s independence soon, before we are forced to leave.  Europe have told us that they would welcome us to take the UK’s place when they leave.  It is time to look at the benefits for this  country, Scotland, not what is politically correct.

I hope my children can grow up in a free and independent Scotland, and I will vote for that as many times as I need to, until we win our FREEDOM !!!!!


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