Royal Wedding

Today would have been the wedding anniversary of a young couple, married in an arranged marriage in 1478.

The groom, Richard of Shrewsbury, was five years old, his bride, Anne Mowbray, was six years old.

She was the Countess of Norfolk, a title that she had inherited upon her father’s death, as she was an only child.  As an aside fact, her mother was Elizabeth Talbot before her marriage to the Duke of Norfolk, sister to Eleanor Talbot, who would later play a large role in the future of Richard of Shrewsbury and his older brother, Edward V……….

He was the second son of the King, Edward VI.  The marriage was arranged to bring the huge Norfolk inheritance under the control of the Crown.

Of course, the marriage was never consummated.  When she unfortunately died three years later, the marriage was said to have been no marriage because of no consummation.  This would have given the Norfolk estates to Lord Howard and Viscount Berkeley.

The King did not want this so had his parliament draw up legislation to say that Richard could keep the estates and title of Duke of Norfolk.

Richard may not have outlived his wife by many years, depending on what you believe about the ‘Princes in the Tower’ mystery.

My personal belief is that he survived to re-appear as ‘Perkin Warbeck’, years later, but that is just my own feelings on the subject and one that I continually argue over in facebook groups………….

So happy anniversary to the young couple, who probably did not know or understand what was happening at the time, but probably enjoyed the banquet afterwards !!!!


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