Lord Snowdon

He may not have been strictly a member of the Royal Family for quite a while now, but Lord Snowdon, once said to be the first real commoner to marry into the ‘firm’, has died today at the ripe old age  of 86.

He was born Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1930.  His father was a lawyer and his mother a well known society hostess.  He had an older sister, Susan, and the two siblings became close after the divorce of their parents in 1934.

As a child, he caught Polio and spent six months in hospital, recovering.  After overcoming the disabilities he was left with from the disease, he would become, in later years, a vocal campaigner for disabled people.

After leaving Cambridge University, he began a career as a photographer, becoming well known for his portrait and fashion work.  This brought him into contact with the Royal Family when he took the official photographs of the Queen and Prince Phillip when they were on their Canadian tour in 1957.

This led to him meeting the sister of the Queen, Princess Margaret.  She had been forced to turn down a proposal from the man that she fell in love with (he was divorced) a few years earlier and was well known as a party girl.  They fell in love, or lust, and married in 1960 at Westminster Abbey.

As he was not a noble, he was given the title of Earl of Snowdon and Viscount Linley before the wedding.

The relationship was a volatile one, both parties publicly partying with others.  It ended in divorce in 1978, to noone’s real surprise.

Two children came from this marriage, David and Sarah.

He re-married in late 1978 to Lucy Lindsay-Hogg with whom he had a daughter, Frances.

That marriage also ended in divorce in 2000, when his affair and illegitmate son (at the age of 67!) were revealed !

He died peacefully today, after a long and eventful life.

Probably needed a rest !!!!


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