David Bowie

It is a year since we lost the enigma that was David Bowie.

I would not call myself a fan of his, but he did do one or two songs that I enjoyed.

Space Oddity was released and became a hit in 1969, before I was even born, but I spent many hours listening to it and could probably sing along to most of the words.  1969 was a good year to release such a song, with the space race that was going on between USSR and USA at the time.

The Ziggy Stardust persona was a bit wierd to me, I never took to it.  But I do remember a more down to earth Bowie with the songs Heroes and the Queen collaboration Under Pressure.

I also enjoyed him and Mick Jagger’s version of Dancing in the Street at Live Aid in 1984.

It has been reported that he was only told that his cancer was terminal, three weeks before he died.  Cancer can be like that, unpredictable.  I have a relative who had a full medical with her GP, then two weeks later was told she had cancer and there was nothing they could do to help her.  It is such a cruel disease, not only to the sufferers but to their families.

He died last year, two days after his 69th birthday and his last album had been released.  Reportedly, he had part of another album recorded at his death, he did not realise his end would come so quickly.

Last year proved to be a bad year to be a celebrity.  By the end of 2016, many people were looking at the news every day to see which celeb had died that day!  Though Bruce Forsyth survived !!!!

Bowie was definately a pop icon, over more than one generation of music fans, and in a few different genres of music too.  Fans gathered and laid flowers at a number of sites worldwide when his death was announced, breaking out in song on occasion.  It was a moving thing to see.

Some loved him, some hated him, but most people were impressed with this Brixton-born boy, who made a name for himself in such a big way and will go down in history as a foremost British recording artist.  The boy done good !!


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