It has been announced today that Scotland is the second best place in the world to visit by the Rough Guides people.

Only India ranked above us!!

So what attracts people to this area?

I will bet it isn’t the weather !!

Everywhere I have been in Scotland has had a warm welcome, always happy to help me when I get lost (when I am driving that is quite often!), eager to point out the pretty places to see and the best things to do.

I am not a whisky drinker so have not really tried the many distillery tours, but they are a great pull for many tourists.

My personal love is the scenery, particularly in the islands.  Orkney will always hold a place in my heart, but my favourite of all was a hostel on the island of Berneray in the Hebrides.  It sat right on the beach and as the weather was good on that occasion, we put our tent up actually on  the beach next to the hostel.  It was in the blackhouse style and very traditional.  The area was beautiful and quiet, which is something I miss terribly when in the city centres.  Guess I am just a country girl at heart, lol.

I wasn’t brought up in Scotland, though we holidayed here often when I was younger, but in the last ten years or so, I have found my heart is in the country of my ancestors.  My grandfather was born and raised here in Ayrshire.  My older children have also made their homes this side of the border too, I doubt we will ever be tempted back south to live.

One day I hope this country gets it’s independence and has a chance to prove what it is worth and can do for itself, and I hope that day is in my lifetime.

I love Scotland.

Everyone is welcome to come and see why I love it so much, just remember to bring an umbrella !!


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