Grrr rant time, sorry, but you have been warned!!

Am watching a discussion on tv about how parents should only buy four presents for their children at Christmas.

Who are these people who think they can tell us how to treat our OWN children?  What right do they have to say that they are right and we are wrong?

There are SO many people in the world that try to make silly rules for parents that sometimes you can’t be sure which way is right!!

I am a mum of seven children.  Most of them are grown now, but I still buy them presents, and I put lots of thought into what I buy for them.  I do not spend a fortune on them (am an author, it isn’t the highest paid job for us beginners!!) but I love to see that they like what I do give them.

My own rules for Christmas have stayed the same for years.  I set a budget and the bairns get presents up to that limit.  Generally it is one big present that they have asked for and a bunch of smaller ones.  They always get a book (my dad always told me that you can learn anything you ever want to know from a book!), a clothes parcel and some sweets, the rest was fluid between what they wanted and what I could afford in their budget.

I think this was a sensible way to deal with a large family wanting gifts and they all loved to come to the tree on Christmas morning and see a small mountain of pressies.  The bin bags of wrapping paper that followed was always the bane of my life but it was worth it to see their happy faces.

I am not saying that these people who want to give their children four gifts only cannot do so, it is their choice.  But that is what I am saying, IT IS THE CHOICE OF THE INDIVIDUAL PARENTS.  You cannot tell me how to treat my own children, I am sick of people trying.

My bairns will wake up on Christmas morning to their usual pile of gifts and I do not care if people say that I am wrong for this, it is my life and my family.  I have brought up my older children to be ‘mostly’ sane and sensible (it’s fun to be silly sometimes!), and I will not be talked down to by people who probably have one child brought up by a nanny!!!!

Admittedly not all of their presents will be expensive (there will be socks involved…….), but they will be happy and enjoy ripping off the paper to see what is inside and that is all that matters to me.

Enjoy your own Christmas, whatever way you can, I shall enjoy mine.

Rant over !!!!


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