Margaret Rhodes

We all remember playing with our cousins as children.  They are often our oldest and first friends.  A few days ago, the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes passed away.  We can all guess how upset the Queen must be at this.

She was not a royal cousin, being the daughter of the Queen Mother’s sister (there is a distant royal connection back in their family tree, but not royal enough to be considered so).  A similar age to Princess Elizabeth, she spent a lot of time playing with her cousin as children.  During the war she lived at Windsor Castle with her royal cousins, being protected as they were.  On occasion she was also known to stay at Buckingham Palace with them, in later years.

Her parents were the Lord and Lady Elphinstone, and in 1950 she married Denys Rhodes, with Princess Margaret as her bridesmaid.  She had previously been a bridesmaid herself to Princess Elizabeth when she married Phillip Mountbatten.  The couple had four children together.

In the Queen Mother’s later years, Margaret Rhodes became a Lady of the bedchamber to her, a position she held until the formers death in 2002.  She was then given a grace and favour apartment in the grounds of Windsor Castle to live out her days.

In more recent years, she has been a go to person for interviews about her cousin for tv and magazine interviewers, and also wrote a book about her life with the Queen in 2011.  It is said that she stayed close to the Queen right until the end, the Queen having visited her in the week before her death, when she was ill.

It is always sad when someone passes.

I am tended to think of all of the people that I have lost over the years and missed dearly.  The country will not mourn the passing of this lady, though her family will.  It is the family that should be considered at these times, we all have people close to us, alive and already gone.  Blessings should be counted for the people around us and the memories we have of those who are no longer with us.



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