Yesterday the death of Fidel Castro was announced, I felt it was important to acknowledge the passing of such an important figure of the twentieth century.

He was not so much a popular figure, in fact was seen as an enemy by many people, but his place in history is assured by his actions in Cuba in the sixties.

It was in 1959 that he overthrew the president of Cuba and brought in a communist state, similar to that of the Soviet Union at the time.  Many countries, especially the USA saw him as a dictator and an enemy.

It is said that the CIA and FBI attempted many times to kill him, but he managed to escape all attempts on his life.

He was very popular with people in his own country, however other countries viewed him, his death has been met with much mourning.  He managed to maintain his own single party state in Cuba, unlike most of his contemporaries.  In the USA alone, he survived TEN different presidents!

He was forced to hand over control of the country to his brother Raul Castro in 2006 due to suffering from a serious illness, he never recovered enough to take back power from his brother, who still holds the seat of power there.

A sad loss to revolutionaries everywhere I am sure, many of whom saw him as a figurehead for what ‘could’ be achieved with the backing of the people.



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