Happy Anniversary

It’s 69 years ago today since Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip of Greece married in Westminster Abbey in London.

It was 1947, just after the end of World War II.  The country was still mired deep in rationing.  It was said that a royal wedding would be an unfair use of taxpayer’s money at such a time.  This was at a height for the royal family’s popularity though and the public gave their own opinion of this, when in an unprecendented move, many women gathered their ration coupons together and sent them to the young Princess, so that she could have extra material and lace for her wedding gown.

Their marriage has been seemingly very strong throughout the time they have been together.  There have been rumours of the occasional arguments, but hey, which couple can stand up and say they have never disagreed on anything or argued about anything?  Especially over such a long time as 69 years!!

Sometimes, disagreements are necessary for a relationship to progress.  You have to find out what makes your other half tick, and that will inevitably lead to some arguments over the right way to do some things, but as long as you understand that fact and are strong enough to cope with differing opinions, then your relationship will survive.  Which theirs seems to have done.

I see the marriage of the Queen and Prince Phillip as an ideal for people to work to.  They have spent a lifetime together as man and wife, working through many problems and ups and downs, they still look incredibly in love when you see them together now.

I truly hope that my husband and I are still as happy when we reach our nineties !!

So in admiration of such a long partnership, I say happy wedding anniversary to HM Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.


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