I have been spending a little time today looking at my book promotion.  I obviously did not get to do very much of this with my first book, as I became pregnant shortly after it’s release (and no, it was not a ‘celebration’ baby!!).

My second book is nearing completion, and I am considering what is the best form of promotion to use for it.  It is the second in my Tudor trilogy, so I will obviously include my first book in any promotions that I undertake.

Of course, signings are a probability, I just need to work out where I go to do them!  My preference is smaller bookshops rather than places like Waterstones, simply to help the smaller business.  But the bigger question is where around the country do I go to those smaller bookshops?

Libraries have been suggested to me, as some hold ‘reader days’ where they have authors along to talk about their own books and their writing.  This does sound interesting, but local councils are closing so many libraries at the minute, would it really be worth it?

My husband and son have offered to advertise on their cars with signs if I get them made, so if you see a car with my picture on the side, honk your horn or give us a wave !!!!

TV advertising is really not on my radar, though I have given one or two interviews to magazines, online and paper.  My new years resolution must be to give myself more exposure in these interviews, I am too shy !!!!

This blog is also promotion, in a way.  I don’t talk about my work very much do I?  Maybe I should do so.



Would promotional calendars work?  I was thinking of some nice scenery pictures that I have taken while looking for the cover pictures for my books.  Perhaps bags or hats with book release dates or something?  Maybe anyone reading this could send me your ideas.  You know where to find me, on here, Twitter or facebook.  I don’t bite.  Well not much!!

Well, guess I should get back to the book, it won’t write itself !

Talk soon xx


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