Hello again…..

I have not been updating this blog for around a month now.  I have been a little busy with a newborn baby !!

As I said in my last post, I was delivered of a little boy the following day, who is doing well, for those who have asked.

I thought today would be an apt day to post once again and talk of the birth of another little boy, 68 years ago.

Prince Charles Phillip Arthur George was born to the then Princess Elizabeth and her husband Phillip.  His future was decided from before his birth.  He was born to one day be King of England.  Though 68 years later, he still has not attained that position.  Some wonder if he ever will.

There is a certain group of people who believe that he should not take the throne, even when his mother dies.  They are of the belief that his son, William, should ascend in his place.  The precedent for this would of course be Charles’ uncle, Edward, who was forced to abdicate the throne because of his love for a divorced woman.

Everyone knows his life story, so I will not repeat it all.  Camilla and himself were in a relationship decades ago, but she would not wait for him while he did his service in the navy, and chose to marry someone else.  If she had waited those few months, would the couple have been more popular in modern society?

My fiction is alternative history, so these kind of questions are my bread and butter.  Would the son of Charles and Camilla have been as popular as William is?  Or as brave as Harry?  What would our current royal family look like if Charles had married Camilla instead of Diana?

As to whether he should become King, I think we should look at his life and service to the monarchy already.  He was sent to boarding schools for most of his younger life, which by all accounts, he hated.  He served in the navy, which he admitted to enjoying.  Since being created Prince of Wales, he has spent much time on charity work.  He began the Prince’s Charitable trust in 1979 and even sells his own pictures to raise funds for this charity.

Speaking of his pictures, he has long been known as a keen painter, often taking time out on his tours to spend a little time with his easel, painting the local landscapes.  He also released a children’s book in the 80’s that he had originally written for his younger brother Edward.

Also to be talked about is the Prince’s Trust, which the Prince set up in the mid 70’s to help disadvantaged youngsters to have experiences and opportunities that would not normally have been available to them.  Over the years it has helped approximately 750,000 young people, across the commonwealth, not just the UK.  It celebrated it’s 40 year anniversary earlier this year, with a very interesting tv show being broadcast, hosted by Ant and Dec (hey I was born a northern lass and those two were demi-Gods to my generation!).  Some of the interior of Dumfries House near here was shown which looked very nice, I plan a visit there next summer.

Back to the original question, on whether he should become King, I do not see how he could be refused the crown.  Yes he has married a divorced woman, but the morals of this country has moved on a long way since the 30’s when Edward VIII was forced to abdicate.  Divorced people are no longer seen as the outcasts that they once were.  At least not in most places, the church still refused to re-marry Charles to Camilla, though they did bless the union once they were legally wed.

Camilla is another issue though.  I do not think that she could become Queen upon her husband’s accession.  She is not a popular choice with the majority of the population, and does not have the respect that her predecessor, Diana, had.  She is known to have had an affair during the Prince’s marriage, and as much as I hate to admit it, the woman is still seen as the ‘bad guy’ in these situations.  The Prince has publicly apologised for his part in the affair, I do not believe she has ever done so.  Showing some humility by admitting her part and showing that she was sorry for hurting Diana and breaking up their marriage may have helped her image, but it is probably too late now.  In my opinion, she could be the King’s consort, at best.  Perhaps she would have to retain her Duchess title as his consort?

I am glad that the decision on the future of the crown is not my job, I doubt it will be a popular decision, whichever way is decided.  Someone will always think that it was a wrong choice and complain.

William and his family do seem to be the more modern and down to earth choice, but would they want to take on such a responsibility at their young ages?  Should we not let them enjoy their children’s childhood?  Young George will grow up with the knowledge that one day he will be King, but would it not be kinder to him and Charlotte to grow up away from the limelight for a few years at least?

Charles has been groomed for this role for his whole life, probably expected to be sat on that throne long before now, it would be cruel to snatch his future from him at this late stage.  He is an OAP for pete’s sake, let him have his time on the top seat.  He has spent nearly 70 years preparing for it, if he ain’t ready for it now, he never will be !!

And that’s my rant for the day.  Happy 68th birthday to Charles, Prince of Wales  –  raises glass in a toast !


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