more anniversaries

I have been enjoying the Olympic games this last week, so I have not had much time to think about writing a blog of late.  But the 15th of August has another couple of Scottish anniversaries related to it so I thought it suitable to say something about them today.

Away back in history, there was a King Duncan in Scotland.  It would not necessarily have been the Scotland that we know today as many clans also held sway over various areas of the country, particularly in the Highlands.

He is thought to have been born around 1000 and came to the throne in 1034, on the death of his grandfather Malcolm II.

His was to be a short reign.  He took his armies to Durham in 1039 but failed to gain the area in battle.  Another foray into battle was the following year, when he went north to Elgin.  On this day in 1040, he faced off in battle to an army led by Macbeth, and lost.  Duncan was killed in battle and Macbeth became King of Scotland.

Unlike in the famous Shakespeare story of Macbeth, Duncan died honourably on the battlefield and not murdered in his sleep by Macbeth.

Duncan had a family, though his wife’s name is debated.  Two of his sons would later become Kings of Scotland, Malcolm III and Donald II.  In tradition there would have been a son called Duncan also, but there are no records of this, so it is unknown if he existed.

Also on this day, many years later, a distant relative of Duncan had a big day in her life.

Mary, Queen of Scots, at the tender age of 6, had travelled to France to meet her husband to be, Francois.  They were not to be married as yet, but they had been betrothed in order to secure an alliance between the two countries.

Her mother was french-born and her family had helped to arrange the deal.

By all accounts, Mary enjoyed her life in France and was happy with the choice of her husband.

I write about Mary in my new book.  Her marriage history is an important part of my current story line.  I look forward to finding out how my readers like the story?  How would you feel if I posted a little of my work here, as a taster?  Let me know.  You can find me on twitter or facebook.


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