I have been sat with my husband the last few days, watching the archery competition at the Rio Olympics.

He is an archer, a medal winning one at that, and loves the opportunity to watch a sport on television that is not often shown.

I was sat here thinking about how the English archers in history were feared in battle.  Agincourt would never have fallen to the English if it were not for the archers, according to history.

Yet as we watch the championship now, there are very few British archers competing.  The prominent teams seem to come from Asia, Korea in particular.

What on earth happened to the British archery talent?

In olden times, there was a law in England requiring all men over 14 years old to practise with a bow and arrow each week for two hours.  There are accounts of groups of men meeting on a weekend at the local village green for their practise time.  Summer fairs and mayday celebrations in villages around the country often featured archery competitions.

The statute books actually still have this law, though it is not enforced!!

Maybe we should enforce it in order to get a decent archery team to enter in sports competitions !!


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