Scottish anniversaries

There are a couple of anniversaries for today in relation to Scottish history, that I thought were interesting enough to mention.

In 1296, Edward I of England, forever remembered as Longshanks or Hammer of the Scots, stole the Stone of Scone from it’s home in Scotland and removed it to Westminster, where it was fitted to the coronation chair.  He did this to try and prove his overlordship of the Scottish people.

The Stone is best remembered for the 4 students in 1950, who stole back the Stone and returned it to it’s proper place.  Unfortunately the stone is said to have been broken during the raid.

It was discovered on the altar of Arbroath Abbey in 1951 and stolen back to Westminster Abbey by the London police.

In 1996 it was returned to Scotland once again, where it now resides in Edinburgh Castle, alongside the Scottish crown jewels, in an effort to calm the rising displeasure of the Scots in Westminster rule.

In 1503, Edinburgh Castle saw the official marriage of the Scottish king James IV to Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and daughter of Henry VII of England.

The marriage was seen as a way of uniting the two thrones and was said to have become a love marriage over time.

They had 6 children together, though only one lived to adulthood to become James V of Scotland.

James IV was killed in battle at the Battle of Flodden in 1513, making him the last reigning king of the British Isles to be killed in battle, 28 years after Richard III at Bosworth.  Margaret would go on to become regent for their son in his minority, until she re-married.

A busy day for Scottish history then !!

Oh and a little non Scottish history – Columbia records signed a young man to their record label on this day in 1957.  An unknown singer by the name of Cliff Richard………..


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