Today is the anniversary of the deaths of approximately 70,000 people in the city of Hiroshima in Japan, in 1945.

The total number of people killed as a result of this bombing was estimated at well over 150,000 within a year, due to radiation or other injuries recieved during the bombing.

It happened about 8.15am.  The American airplane Enola Gay passed over the city and dropped the first atomic bomb (nicknamed little boy) ever to be used in a war situation onto the unsuspecting inhabitants below.  Some of them would not know what had hit them.  Others would suffer the effects of the radiation, burns, sickness and eventual death.

Only three days later on the 9th August 1945, another nuclear bomb was dropped on another Japanese city, Nagasaki.  A further 40,000 people were estimated to have been killed in this second bombing.

The majority of the people killed in both bombings were not soldiers.  They were residents of the cities, they were children, they were people going about their everyday business.  Nagasaki had been bombed numerous times leading up to the atomic bombing, so many of their children and vulnerable residents had already been evacuated, hence the lower death toll in that city.

Did the USA really achieve their aim by killing all of these people in such a cruel way?  We all remember the image of the little girl running from the city, naked because her clothes had been blown off her body by the bomb.  Was it worth killing these innocent people?

And the amount of people left with radiation issues, cancer, burns, etc, was that worth it?

I do not believe so.

I do not believe we need weapons that kill people so indiscriminately.  I do not agree with the bombings that our governement have decreed as required in the middle east right now, either.  If you need to go and find a bad guy and kill them, do it, but don’t kill innocent people along the way.  The people in power see these people as collateral damage, but how can a child be seen as this?  How can a child, who is probably too young to know what is happening, never mind choose which side he is on, understand why people are trying to kill them?

There is way too much killing going on at present, on all sides.  I do not think it is all because of religion as the mass media tell us it is.  I studied religion up to A level and the bulk of religion tells it’s followers to love each other.  Most religions believe in peace, not war.

Unfortunately I doubt I will see peace in my lifetime.  I would love to, but I doubt I will.  War breeds money for big businesses and governments.  And money is what counts in this day and age.

In my view life is more precious than money.  Not just my life or my families lives, everyone’s lives.  Throwing money at bombs and killing people, is wasting that money.  That money could give many people of the world a better life.  The question is how to make the people in power understand that?


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