Just Ruminating………

The country is in some kind of chaos at the moment.  Our parliament in Westminster seems broken in many ways.  Theresa May will become Prime Minister, without the say of her own party members, never mind the public.  This from the woman who said that Gordon Brown did not havethe right o be Prime Minister without a general election…. Labour are tearing themselves apart.  They seem to be turning on the only leader who appears to stand up for the morals of Labour as I saw them when I was growing up.  The Liberals are so small that they are almost forgotten about.  The SNP stand strong on their policies but fight for the day when they can be free of Westminster.

I wonder if this was how the country seemed in the times of Cromwell and Charles I?

Did the people of the country sense the problems with the people in power as we see them today?  Did they imagine the trouble and bloodshed that would soon come to them?

The ‘little’ people of this country now seem unsure of what their futures hold, did the people of the 17th century have that fear too?

They say that people who don’t study history, fall prey to repeating it.  Is that what we are doing today?  I do not mean that the Parliament will take on the Monarchy this time, they seem happy enough to be fighting each other.

Will this be the end for the United Kingdom?  I think it is very likely.  Even Northern Ireland is seriously talking about joining with Southern Ireland, in order to stay in the EU.  It took England to take this vote to bring the two Irish communities together at last, who would have thought it!  Loads of lives during the troubles could have been saved!  And Scotland looks to be in a strong position to get a ‘Yes’ vote if they go to referendum again, and to be honest, who could blame them.  Most of the promises made in the last referendum have been broken.  They have been pushed around by Westminster for generations, and the Scots have always been a strong people.  Again, if we look at history, we can see the hostility between Scotland and England, I have written about a number of them already, and I only write in a short period of history!

Wales do seem relatively happy to stand by the side of England.  There is a small independence movement there, but it has not grown to the size of the Scottish or Irish movements as yet.  Wales has traditionally taken the side of England though, it has been part of the Union for far longer than the other areas of the country.  The Tudor family even heralded from there, Henry VII being born there.

So the future for the peoples of the current United Kingdom look increasingly uncertain.  Personally the situation here scares me.  I worry for the future of my children and what it could hold.  Maybe now is the time to build that colony on the moon?


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