Mary’s accession

In my second book, I have been writing recently about Mary, Queen of Scots and her marriage to Francis, the Dauphin of France.  On this day in 1559, the two of them became King and Queen of France upon the death of Francis’s father Henri, after less than a year of marriage.

Henri had been jousting and a sliver of wood had broken off and entered his eye socket.  It is generally thought that the wood pierced his brain and caused his death in this way.  It took three days for him to expire, I would imagine in a lot of pain.

The two young monarchs had lived in the same court in France for almost ten years before their marriage, so they had a storng friendship, many said love.  Unfortunately their time on the French throne would not last.

The following year 1560, in December, Francis died from an ear infection.  It seems silly in today’s time of antibiotics to die from such a trivial thing as an ear infection, but the infection had grown into an abcess and killed the young boy King.

Mary is said to have been heart-broken.

Her mother-in-law, Catherine de medici, became regent for Francis’ brother, who came to the throne next.  Catherine and Mary had never seen eye to eye and as soon as she could, Catherine sent the widowed Mary back to Scotland.

Which is when she will appear in my book, rather than being talked about.  I am still working on her arrival in the story, I hope my readers will enjoy it when I am done !!


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