Day of celebrations

Today there have been huge events on both sides of the atlantic (no, I am NOT talking about the football!!), and I thought both warranted a mention.

In London, crowds gathered to cheer on our monarch as she went to St Paul’s Cathedral for a celebration of her being the first ruling monarch to reach the age of 90.  She actually reached that a few months ago, but it was celebrated today!  It also happened to be her husband, Prince Phillip’s 95th birthday, which I am reliably informed, was mentioned three times during the celebration of HER birthday.

I am a monarchist, don’t misunderstand me, and anyone reaching the age of 90 is quite an achievement, especially the way our healthcare system is looking!  Though I imagine millions were spent on today, and you must ask why?  We had some celebrations earlier in the year and now we are set for a weekend long celebration too, costing how much?  There are starving people in this country and we spend millions to say happy birthday to someone?  Card factory sells cards for 29p !!

Queen Elizabeth has been an amazing monarch for this country, I agree with that and anyone who knows me, knows that I support the royal family, I am not for abolishing them, like many are.  I do question though, the amounts of money spent on them (I do with politicians too, but that is another story), we need to spread the country’s wealth more equally than it is currently done.  Spending millions on one family does not make sense anymore, we have to think of all the families in the country.

Over in the US, many gathered to bid farewell to a muslim man.  Whie muslims are not popular over there, mostly thanks to Donald Trump, people fell over themselves to say what a great man he had been.

I do not know much about Muhammad Ali, I am not a boxing fan, though I have heard a lot about him in the last week.

He seems to have been a great sportsman in his time, and a great spokesman for civil rights for the rest of his life.  It is a shame that his illness overtook him and he could not do more for the people he was trying to fight the battles of.  His refusal to go to war in Vietnam was very brave at the time, not only because he went against the government, but because at the time, people of his skin colour were being treated very badly in the US.

I am not a war supporter myself, I have heard people say that conscription should be brought back in the UK, but I would fight that as far as possible.  The wars of more recent years are unneccesary and I do not want my children going to war and killing innocent people like current wars are.  Don’t get me wrong, if a person wants to join up and serve his or her country, then that is their choice and I applaud them, but I feel we are lining up to bomb or kill way too many people at the minute, and then complaining when people try to escape that killing and head to our shores.

But they are my opinions, and yes they are strong ones, I can be very opinionated if I am pushed!!

But today is for celebrations of different kinds.  A celebration of the life of a good man and a celebration of the long life of a monarch.

So, RIP to Muhammad Ali, I hope he gets the rest from his illnesses that he deserves after suffereing them for so long, and Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth, I hope she enjoys her weekend long party!

I wonder if she makes it to 100, if she gets a telegram from herself………………..


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