Coronation Day

Today in 1953, our current Queen Elizabeth was crowned in Westminster Abbey in London.

It was the first major televised event in royal history.  By all accounts, not all of the royals were in favour of this happening, particularly the Queen Mother.

My dad was eight years old at the time and told of gathering around the one television in the street to watch it.  He told of the amazement as people watched the spectacle.  Before this, it had always been a private affair, only for the viewing of the invited nobles and royal family.  He told us that his grandmother refused to watch, saying that it was wrong to be ‘intruding’ on such an occasion.

When, God forbid, the Queen dies and Charles is crowned, I doubt there will be any questions about showing every moment of his coronation to the world, on far more than one channel too, I would guess.

How times have changed!

People on television today show every intimate moment of their lives, from birth to death.  How much of an intrusion would my great grandmother have considered that to be!!  Imagine if they were to watch something like One Born Every Minute!!

I write about past monarchy in my books, though I do wonder what the future monarchy will look like.  We have heirs in waiting for the throne, but what changes will they make when they ascend?  There is quite a large following for abolishing the monarchy, at least in Scotland, so you need to wonder whether anything will come of that in the future.  Though by then, Scotland may not be part of the UK, if you listen to the hype !!

I am not a big fan of Prince Charles, he seems very out of touch with the country, whereas William and Harry seem so much more down to earth in most things (excepting the fact they have a boundless amount of money given to them for, well not doing very much!).  Of course George and Charlotte have an appeal to the public, as do all babies.  But as with all babies, they will grow up into grumpy teens and bratty young adults, probably very spoilt ones, and the public tend to fall out with them if this happens (you can tell I am a mum, right?).

I have heard it said that Prince Charles does not want to live in Buckingham Palace when he ascends, preferring his current home.  So what will become of the place is to be debated.  Do we move the Prime Minister in?  He would love that, I am sure!

Maybe we make it into a student dorm type of accomodation for the MP’s so that we don’t have to pay loads of expenses for their second homes in London?

Maybe we should open it up to the homeless of the country, give them a roof over their heads, imagine that !!

Whatever the monarchy’s future does bring, most people will say that our current Queen Elizabeth has not only been the longest reigning monarch, but in many ways, the most popular monarch.

Time will tell if she will if she will be the last monarch………..


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