Today is the feast day for the Venerable Bede.  As a former resident of County Durham, where his body alledgedly lies in the Cathedral in Durham City, I thought I would write a few lines about him.

He lived between around 670 and 735 in the Durham and Northumberland area and was a monk.  He was only seven years old whenhis family sent him to the monastery at Monkwearmouth, now in Sunderland City.  What a seven year old made of the life of a monk can only be guessed at, though I suppose if he was sent that young, it would have become th only life he knew very quickly.  It is rumoured that his parents were nobles, though no proof of that exists.

He is mostly known for his writings, both translations and explanations of bible texts and his own musings.  His best known work is ‘An Ecclesiastical history of the English People’ which is five books long.  It follows the religious history of the country from the times of Roman invasion until his own days.

Most of his work was originally written in Latin, though I have heard that he occasionally wrote in Greek also.  His writings were copied many years later, when his popularity grew and his remains were moved from the Jarrow monastery where he died to the Galilee chapel in Durham Cathedral.

He still has a strong following in the north and is considered a very important historian for the very early years of england.  Hence why children in the north are still taught about him in schools !!


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