Shakespeare and the Hollow Crown

Over the last few days, I have become involved in a few discussions on Richard III and the Princes in the Tower.  This is probably due to the Hollow Crown series that has recently been shown on bbc.

What we should remember about all of the Shakespeare plays is that they were plays, not truth.  Yes there is some historical fact in there, but it was never written as true history, it was written to entertain.

I am not a fan of Shakespeare, I find his work hard to follow sometimes, though I did the usual acting out Shakespeare when I was younger, at school, college, etc., so I did not watch the latest bbc adaptation, though I do know the stories.

These plays were written for the enjoyment of the audience at the time, I highly doubt he thought that we would still watch them hundreds of years later, never mind for them to be discussed with such passion about their historical validity.  He would probably have been happy if they were still being read when he died, he would have expected them to be forgotten after that, I would think.

I know with my own books, I would love to think that they would be remembered and read after my death, but I say straight up front that my books are not history, they are fiction, even if the dates are true for most big events.  Hey am sure my kids would be happy to collect the royalties after I am gone in any case !!



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