I recieved a glowing review for my book today.  Someone I have never met, read my tome (it is pretty long, I admit that) and enjoyed it enough to write this about it.

on 5 May 2016
An incredible book, wide ranging and all encompassing, embracing a totally different side to Mary Tudor than I have ever read before! and showing that historical fiction can be a flexible and enjoyable genre, (even when, like me, one’s first love is historical fact).
With over 900 pages this epic will keep you reading well after the light should have been out as it carries you forward wanting to know more and become more involved.’
I am so happy that I am almost bouncing!
It is amazing to get 5 star reviews on groups like Goodreads, but to actually hear what someone thinks rather than just the image is brilliant.
Not only does it give me the impetus to carry on with my new book, but it makes me feel that my work is being appreciated, and thats a good feeling.

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