Yesterday I met one of the living women that I admire most.  She is not universally liked, but in years to come, people will look back at her and acknowledge just what a dfiference she has made.

Nicola Sturgeon.

I may not agree with every single policy she has, we all have our own opinions on some things, but I truly admire her integrity and, well basically, ballsiness.

She stands shorter than me, and I am only 5′ tall, but will stand up to anyone who wants to  challenge her, however big or small they are and whether man or woman.  She doesn’t let criticisms faze her, she treats it like water off a duck’s back.  In effect, she doesn’t give a shit if people don’t like her, she will carry on to do what she intends to do.  I honestly believe she will be looked back on as a heroine in history.