Birth and death

Today is the 90th birthday of our ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, I am sure everyone has noticed !

She was delivered by caesarean in the early hours of 21st April 1926 to the then Duke and Duchess of York, in the house of her maternal grandparents in Mayfair, London.  Never could anyone have imagined on that morning, what her future would hold.

A mere ten years later, she would be catapulted into the role of heir to the throne, when her uncle abdicated and her father became King.  We can only wonder at what  ten year old girl would make of this change in her fortunes.

As we widely know she came to be Queen on her beloved father’s death in 1952 and the rest as they say, is history.

A far less well known fact about today is that it is also the day, in 1509, that King Henry VII died and the eighteen year old Henry VIII came to the throne.

Henry VII is a divisive figure in history, many either love him or hate him.  Of course many see him as a usurper, though others think he rid England of a usurper.  My personal feelings are more that he was controlled and pushed to a great measure by his mother, Margaret Beaufort, who really seemed to be the power behind the throne at the time.

While doing work on my family tree, I often found it intriguing when relatives were born on the anniversaries of another reltives death.  Maybe it is just my morbid curiosity and belief in past lives, but I always wondered if it was a way of a soul being reincarnated on the same date that they had previously died.  Would that mean that Queen Elizabeth could be a reincarnation of Henry VII many generations later?  Who knows !

In any case, a very happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth today.  I hope I am as sprightly as you if I get to live to be 90 !!!!



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