TheBattle of Towton

It is 555 years ago today that the bloodiest battle in the history of England was fought on a field at Towton.  It happened during the Wars of the Roses, between Yorkist and Lancastrian forces, bringing a decisive victory to the Yorkists and putting Edward IV on the throne.

Deaths are estimated to be above 20,000 men, probably much higher.  They came from nobility as well as peasant stock, many titles passing down to children after the battle, who had been too young to fight but were now forced to take on adult roles with their new titles.

Snow fell on the battlefield as the fighting began, though red blood soon soaked the earth as men fought hand to hand and archers fired into the melee.  It is said that the nearby river ran red with blood for days after the battle had ended.

It must have been an horrific sight to see and a terrible battle to be part of.  The battle site can still be visited to this day and the topography has not changed very much.  The walk around the site can be very atmospheric, giving the feeling that many souls never left this place…………


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