65 years !!

Today is the 65th anniversary of the coronation of our current Queen Elizabeth.

It took place on the 2nd June 1953, a little over a year after she had become Queen, upon the death of her father.  This delay was due to the tradition of waiting out a period of a year in mourning for the former monarch.

The coronation almost did not take place on this June day, as Queen Mary, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, died in the March of 1953.  Tradition would have dictated that the coronation should not occur until a year after her death, but as her death drew near, she was ill for a while before dying, she asked that the coronation would not be postponed on her account, and put that into her will.

This was the first televised coronation in the UK (so far the only), and very few homes in those days had a tv to watch on.  Radio was widely used to listen to the service and many street parties were held around the country, and worldwide, in the commonwealth countries.

My own father used to tell of how a couple of dozen people crowded into a small miners house to watch the only tv in the street.  He also told of the big party afterwards!

(Small note to my children if they are reading – no, I do not remember watching it, I have seen footage but I am not THAT old !!!!)

The decision to televise it was not an altogether popular one, with the bigwigs at the palace and westminster, though proved to be a very popular choice with the general population of the UK.

The RAF took copies of the filmed coronation across the Atlantic to Canada, where it was shown on the same day as the BBC.  The USA also had films flown in, to be shown the following day.

At her age we can maybe expect the next televised coronation within 10 – 15 years at the outside ( does the Queen get a card form herself when she reaches 100…?????), how many formats will that take one wonders……………………….


a rant, sorry

I have sat through a recorded programme just now, about the terror attack in Manchester last year.

Watching the parents of Georgina talking about watching the paramedics trying to save her life, and then her loss, was truly heartbreaking.  It should make all parents want to cuddle their children a little tighter.

My rant is not about them.

The people who lost their lives and their families are the people we should remember and help and support.  They deserve whatever help and support that can be given to them.

My complaint is that a picture of the bomber was shown and at least 5 minutes was spent going over his name and background.  I won’t mention his name.  He gave up the right to be identified as anything but a murderer when he blew himself up with the intention of killing, maiming, hurting innocent people.

His remains should not even have been returned to any family who wished to claim him as theirs.  They should have been cremated and buried in an unknown grave, as was done with convicted criminals in years past.  He deserved no better.

He definately did not deserve to be named on tv in a show about his crime.  Sad as it is to say, there will have been people watching that show, celebrating his act.  To some people, he is a martyr.

He cannot claim to be a true islamist though, as the Qu’ran preaches love and peace just as the Christian bible does.  I studied various religions as part of my A level Religious Studies, and I never remember a part of the Qu’ran which teaches that it is right to kill innocents.  I think that may have been important passages that we needed to study.

This sad excuse for a human being, deliberately created a bomb and deliberately went to a place where he could seriously hurt others, in particular a place where children would be.  He gave up any human rights when he did that.

He should not be remembered, in any way.

Rant over.


I have helped my elder children with moving house a few times in the last six months or so and am soon going to be moving ourselves again.  This brought me to thinking a little about how people moved house back in medieval times.

It is well known historically that royal and noble families moved between their large houses at least once a year in order to have their regular dwellings cleansed.

Generally the floors of their houses would have been covered with reeds or rushes or straw.  At least once a year these would have been taken out and disposed of and replaced with fresh.

The dirty flooring would have contained all sorts of food waste, animal waste and even human waste, in the times before loos!!

Glad I didn’t have that part of moving house to do!!!!

The noble family’s furniture and personal belongings, such as clothes, would be packed in trunks and loaded onto trailers to be carried to the new residence, along with their servants.

There is not a lot of evidence of how the ‘smaller’ people in society moved house in those days.  It is generally thought that most families stayed in the same village for most of their lives.

Some families would of course be nomadic, carrying with them all that they owned.  Sleeping under the stars, living hand to mouth, killing and cooking anything that they could find to survive.

In a way, that sometimes sounds appealing !

When farm tenancies changed hands, between family or not, the furniture in the farmhouse would often transfer between the parties too.  It would be sparse furniture.  Maybe a table and benches, a rocking chair possibly.  Box beds were common in farmhouses, built into the wall, with straw mattresses.  I love the box beds that we have seen in museums, they give a sense of home, I guess.  Maybe hubby needs to get his woodworking skills going and build me one in our new house…………………

The cottage would usually have been one big room, sometimes two if there were animals to be kept indoors too.

Children would usually have slept on the floor, while parents had the bed.  Babies sometimes got their own bed in a crib, but not everyone could afford such luxuries.  Of course low status mothers would feed their babies themselves, whereas older children and adults would have food made on the fire.

A big cooking pot would often hang over the flames, heating water when needed or cooking  meat or vegetables when they were available to eat.

Sometimes I think of those days as a simpler time, and wish for that simplicity.  But then I look at my book collection and my radiator, and my full freezer and I think that this time must be so much easier, even if we do have a harder time to move house, lol.



What on earth gives one country the right to bomb another?

What makes Theresa May think we want her to order our troops to go and kill even more innocent people in Syria?

Oh yes, she claims it was a limited bomb drop on chemical weapons production sites, but those people at work on those sites are not to blame for what their government does.  What about the cleaner or technician, just trying to earn enough money to support their families??  The Syrian government won’t care about those little people, and neither it seems does anyone else!


I despair why the people of this country continue to allow her to not only kill people in our own country now, but in others.

This will not change anything in Syria.  How dumb was she to think it would??

Please get rid of these murderers in Westminster.

And please Nicola, please, get us out of this union as soon as possible.  We are a peaceful nation in Scotland, we do not need to be associated with these people who are so keen to wage war.


I have spent the weekend watching a little sport on tv.

If you follow me, you will know that I am an avid formula 1 fan, but I also took some time to watch some of the Commonwealth Games from Australia.

In Bahrain, Vettel pretty much had the race sewn up from the start, even if Bottas had caught up with him on that last lap as he was almost doing, Vettel would not have allowed him past.

The accident in the pit though, with Raikonnen and one of his pit crew, was something that will stay with me for ages.  And the slow mo replays of it were really not needed.  That poor mechanic, the way his leg bent around the tyre of the car as it broke into god only knows how many pieces….*shudder*.   He must have been in agony.  I was not impressed at the cold nature of Raikonnen when asked about the man either.  And only a $50,000 fine for ferrari????  That is nothing to them.

Over in Australia, the home countries (Scotland, England, Wales, N Ireland) are doing wonderfully well in medals.

We watched some swimming, gymnastics, cycling, netball, lawn bowls, all of which were enthralling, even at silly hours of the night!!

I used to do gymnastics myself in my youth, though nowhere near the standard of those in Australia.  I am looking forward to seeing the World Championships in Glasgow in the summer.

This morning I watched the English women’s netball team, win overwhelmingly against the Welsh team.  It was difficult to keep up with how many times they scored in the first half, they were so fast!  Definately another medal prospect there!

All in all an interesting weekend of sport…………….from my sofa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Declaration of Arbroath

The declaration of Arbroath was a letter from 39 Scottish nobles sent to the Pope to assert the independence of Scotland from England, following the assumed overlordship by Edward I (Longshanks).

The country was at that time ruled by Robert the Bruce, who had  been excommunicated by the Pope upon the request of Edward of England.

The nobles had come together and signed the said declaration to the pope, in order to confirm Scotland as a sovereign, independent state and to have the excommunication removed.  They also demanded the right to defend their own country with military action if it was attacked by another, in those days, probably the English.

It was said to have been dictated and written at the Abbey of Arbroath, which is where the name came from.

An early statement of our country’s freedom from oppression.  Maybe something to be learned in there?

It was signed on the 6th April 1320.

Only 2 years until the 700 year anniversary of that.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be celebrating our independence on that anniversary ?????????

Put the record straight

Today I had a disagreement with someone over something that I said in my post yesterday and something that I saw on tv earlier today.

I agreed with an online post that said the charges should be dropped immediately against the man who stabbed a burglar in his home.  Yesterday I posted that I did not think taking the life of another was forgivable.

The difference is this; yesterday I was talking about a man shooting someone with the intention of killing them, today I was arguing about the defence of one’s own family and property.

It was argued that James Earl Ray did not obviously go out to kill Martin Luther King, and only fired one shot at him before fleeing.  It was possibly a ‘lucky shot’ then he panicked and ran.  This is a possible argument, I agree, but he went on to later admit to the murder, therefore I feel vindicated in saying that he intentionally killed King.

The gentleman who stabbed a burglar, was woken by an armed intruder in his own property, threatening himself and his disabled wife.  I defy anyone who would not fight for their life or that of their loved ones.  And anyone who claims they wouldn’t, I would happily call them a liar to their face!!  If someone came to my house with such a threat, you can damn well be sure I am grabbing the nearest thing to defend us, whether that be a knife, a cricket bat, a spanner, whatever.  Sure if there is time and opportunity to get the police there first I would try that, but let’s face facts, the police are underfunded and cannot be everywhere when they are needed.

I will admit that we don’t know all the facts about the stabbing, but from the reports so far, I feel there is an open and shut case of self defence.  Should it come out that he stabbed the guy a dozen times, or the guy was running away from him and therefore not causing a further threat, there may be questions.  But he can still claim to have been scared and acting on his fear in my eyes.

I hope that that clears up my feelings on this matter, but feel free to discuss with me further if you wish, I always love debating.